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HONDA BF2.3 LCHU Outboard


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The Honda BF2.3is lightweight, easily transportable and ideal for small boats, dinghies and canoes. Enhanced with optimal carburation to give you top power with unrivalled low engine weight, it offers the best power/weight ratio in its class. The BF2.3 is as light as its 2-stroke counterparts, yet with the benefits of Honda's 4-stroke technology. Additionally, it's equipped with an integral 1-litre fuel tank and runs up to 55 minutes at full trottle- all on one tank of fuel!

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Transom Height 571 mm Engine Type 4-stroke OHC - 1 cylinder
Displacement 57 CC Bore Stroke 45 x 36
Compression Ratio Full Throttle RPM range 5000-6000
Fuel Tank Starter & Controls
Gear Ratio 2.42 Dry Weight (with propeller) 13.5 Kg