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Honwave T32 3.2m Inflatable Dinghy Tender Boat with Inflatable V-Floor

Honwave T32 3.2m Inflatable Dinghy Tender Boat with Inflatable V-Floor

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Please Note: Outboard engine not included. 
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Our range of inflatables are light, portable and just perfect for excursions at sea or on lakes. All Honwave models are constructed using a high quality and durable PVC fabric, not only ensuring maximum robustness and performance, but also providing total usability and enjoyment.


Redesigned Drain Valve: The new models feature a lift type drain valve which cannot be accidentally dislodged by the customer during cruising. It also removes the chance of incorrect fitment which was possible with the current valve

Internal Oar Storage: To make sitting on the tubes more comfortable for the user and to reduce damage to the surface of the tubes, the oars are now stored on ties inside the boat

Loop Handles: The currently fitted hogging and rope has been removed and replaced with loop handles. This improves the look of the boats and removes the risk of damage by mishandling when incorrectly using the safety rope to lift the boat

New Bow Roller: To enhance the look and to reduce rope damage to the bow tube a bow roller has been fitted to all the new models

New Side Trim Design: The side trim on all models has been updated and refreshed giving a quality, modern look

To help you determine a suitable combination of Outboard Engine and Inflatable Boat, please use the chart below:


Our products are built better to last longer. That’s why we can offer you a rock-solid warranty for domestic and professional use on our core range products, covering both parts and labour. The warranty also maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first.

*Subject to domestic use and following the service schedule

Overall Length (cm)320.5 Overall Beam (cm)153.5 Inner Length (cm)229 Inner Beam (cm)67.5 Tube Diamater (cm)42.5 Packing Size (cm)112x65x38 New Weight (Kg)39Max Engine Power (hp)15 Passenger Capacity4/- loaded Weight (kg)735 Chambers3+ floor (2) FloorAir V- Floor

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